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Missionary Journal of Elder Forrest Whitham Memmott October 1906

Oct 1 – Today is the first of October we was going to start for our labor but it looked so stormy we did not get away.  We went down to Bro Roberts’s daughter and spent night and had a good talk on the gospel.


Oct 2 – until Oct 21 - Visiting saints and friends during the last 20 days took a trip of about 110 miles started at Foster Falls and went by the way of “Ivanhoe”, Quipple Creek, Speedwekk, Crockets Depot, Rural Retreat, Corinth, Shelton Town, Wytheville, Sanders Wineo and back to our old starting point of Foster Falls.  It was raining most all the time we was gone and snowed a little we had a very good time during our altercate and found all well.  We did not take our gripes so I could not keep my record up while I was away.  We are now back to our old labor canvassing.

Oct 22 – We left Bro Henry Roberts to go across New River and canvas it looked very much like storm most all day but along toward evening it cleared off.  We had a very successful day with a few Aposers.  Elder Reid went to canvass a house and I stopped in the woods and waited for him.  But the man ran him off and would not let him cross his land to come where I was so I did not know what had become of him and went to look for him and the man sent me a big hunting and told me he had sent my comp. The same with some difficult we got together.   We did not get a place to stop until dark.  We spent the night with a very rich man; He did not want to talk so he took us to our room.

Oct 23 – We left Mr. Crocket very early crossed Reid Creek.  We walked about 22 miles and did not find many families.  We met up with two rich men who was a little bitter one did not want to talk so he left and went to the house.  Crossed Reid Creek on the wagon bridge by Grims Forge.  Elder Reid save a lady some pamphlets and after we started she came and threw them away and said we don’t except such stuff as this we the spent the night with Bro Richardson.

Oct 24 – We finished all of Wythe County across Reid Creek on the south side we got our mail at Max Meadows the second class was their but our letter had not got there we went about three miles from town and spent the night with one of our members.  Bro Foman he was working on a saw mill I saw the largest pile of lumber I ever saw it was about 250 yards long and two rows on each side of the tram way.

Oct 25 – We spent the day with Sister Foman we walked about 10 miles to see a man who was very much interested in the gospel we held a meeting at night and had a good time.

Oct 26 – We left Bro Foman soon after breakfast we sang a few songs to Sister Foman we got our mail I got a letter from James & 2 from home all was well at home we started to canvass towards Clarks Summit.  We came to the sections hands and sold them five books we had a very hard time to get a place to stop most of the people was wealthy and they could not keep us they said.  We got a place with a poor man who showed that he was a Christian he treated us fine and ask us back.

Oct 27 – We left before sun up on the account of the man who had to go to work we had some good talks on the gospel.  I got run off by a man who had been told a lot of lies and would not except any pamphlets.  It turned very cold towards evening we crossed New River on a fairy boat and went to Bro Richmond’s to stop.

Oct 28 – Today is Sunday we went down to Bro. Roberts his wife wanted to be baptized it was very cold most of the day.  In the P.M. about 2:30 we went down to the river that is New River there was a large crowd there waiting for us to come Elder Reid Baptized Sister Roberts.  We held a meeting at might and had a good time.  We went down to Pro. Price and made a good friend of him.  He said he had learnt a great deal of us and was going to study our Doctrine.

Oct 29 – We left for Tipton to see the Saints before we left Wythe County we had not been their long we Elders Bishop and Egan came to see the saints they came from Cripple Creek.  At nigh we held a meeting and had a very good time Elder Reid and I stopped to Henry Roberts.

Oct 30 – We are all ready to leave Wythe this morning the Elders came down soon after we had breakfast Sister Roberts made me a Umbrella Slip and Elder Egan gave the furl to with it.  Elder Reid went to Sister Roberts and ate dinner with them for Elder Reid did not intend to get back any more.  After dinner we bid them all good-bye and started for Bro. Montgomery in Carroll Co. We got there in good time and had some good talks on the gospel Ha Ha Elder Bishop and I got the best bed and made Elders Reid and Egan sleep on the floor.

Oct 31 - Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha We have got a big walk before us today so we started very early we was going to Keno to see the saints.  There Elder Reid had been through before he got us off on some trails and we got lost.  It was very cool all day.  We had to wade a creek and it was not very comfortable.  We walked hard all day and got to Bro Stuarts Marshall’s a little after dark we was all very tired.

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Missionary Journal of Elder Forrest Whitham Memmott September 1906

Sept 1 – Today is the first of September it has quit raining We met a man in the morning and talked with him till about noon a man ask us in to dinner we had many good talks on religion he played on a Graph one for us for a long time.  We stopped near a church where they were having meeting we went they had a great time praying and singing.

Sept 2 – today is Sunday it is fast Sunday elder Reid and I went to a Christian Sunday School they had very good order and a good time.  We fasted all day, the elders most all of the time goes on Sunday.  We went up to a friend of Elder Reid he treated us very nice was ready for supper and ate a hardy meal.  The man had a boy 23 years old and weighted 500 lbs; he was a very large man.  We had several good talks on the gospel.

Sept 3 – It looked very much like storm the first place where we canvassed was a Methodist, the man was very nice but the woman was most frantic she tried to send us out of the house but we would not go for the man told us to stay he wanted to ask us some questions.  The lady said we was going to hell and he hoped we did she abused us very bad, we talked for about a hour then she said she would give her husband 50 cent if he would not talk to us he told her to go out it was raining very hard by that time.  But we had to leave or the old woman would have gone crazy, it rained on us very hard but we did not get very wet.  Came to a young lady who was very well versed on the scripture did not get any dinner but that was nothing new.  Sat under some trees and studied for about an hour.  We called to a house where Elder Reid had sold a book.  They liked it fine.  They told us of a man who was a good friend to the elders we went there and he treated us fine and was a good friend we had some good talks on the gospel.

Sept 4 – it looks very much like storm we left Bro Hardy’s found the people very bitter.  A gentleman who was sick let us eat dinner with him. It rained on us we got under some trees and put our Umbrella up so we would not get wet gave away 10 tracts and had a very hard time getting entertainment had seven refusals it was very muddy we came back to Bro Hardy he invited us to stop with him.

Sept 5 – We left Bro Harden again the weather is a little cool it is getting fowl we came to one of our friends and he ask us in and we stopped and had dinner. They were an aged couple.  The lady gave me some medicine for my cold and told me to be careful we came to some more friends.  We helped one of them fix his straw stack we went and stopped with Bro. Peck.

Sept 6 – We left Bro Peck and was going to visit some friends we went where the people was going to mob Elder Reid and Davis they was not at home went and got our mail and went up to Bro. Holston Elder Reid got him a pair of shoes he wears 7 but in mistake got a pair of 9. The bedbugs very drug us out of bed.

Sept 7 – We went to see some of our friends but the gentlemen was not at home and so we had to go on until we came to where we found the men at home we had some good talks on the Gospel and found the people where we stopped was getting ready to make apple butter so we helped them.

Sept 8 – It was very cold this morning we had a talk on the gospel with Bro King before we left we was going to see one of our friends about six miles away it was a very fine day the people where we stopped was very friendly.

Sept 9 – Today is Sunday we are going to hold two we walked six miles to hold meeting by eleven o’clock, we ate dinner at Bro Havens we held meeting at three o’clock and had a very large crowd out. We have got a good many friends around where we are stopping spent the night with Bro. Haven.

Sept 10 – We bid our friends good-bye and started for our labors.  Sister Hanver put up a nice lunch for we had to cross a large mountain.  We got up in the top of the mountain and ate our lunch and took a bath it looked very much like storm so we walked up pretty part soon after we got to Bro Wilson it started to rain and rained very had.  We had some good talk on religion.

Sept 11 – We left Bro Wilson’s son after breakfast we visited some of our friends on our way Bro Wilson came a little way with us.  We came to a friend of the Elders he wanted us to stay and have dinner after dinner they wanted us to stay and hold meeting with them.  There was two families it rained very hard it was to late to go over the mountain so they wanted us to stay all night with them.

Sept 12 – It looks very foggy this morning and the sky is filled with clouds we left Bro Snowson after breakfast when we got on top of the mountain we stopped and studied for about a hour and looked over our county for we could see a long way from the top of the mountain.  We had some good talks on the gospel.  We stopped with a man who was very rich he had a very nice farm and was very kind to us.

Sept 13 – We left Bro Supes for he had some business to attend to we did not get any dinner we left our grips to a man house and went to Wytheville for our mail.  I got a $2 from Hettie, Con, Papa and Mama for a birthday present.  I got me a new pair of shoes and a new coat and vest.  They cost me $7.00 and shoes $3.25 we changed our clothes at the washwoman and left our dirty ones Elder Reid got him a dollar watch.  I made fun of it and called it a tin box.  We did not get a place to stay until after dark had 6 refusals.

Sept 14 – We left soon after breakfast for we had a long walk to make we had some good talks on the gospel my new shoes about pinched my feet off we stopped with Bro. Blessings.

Sept 15 – We left Brother Blessings soon after we had breakfast and went to see one of our friends.  We were treated very good in the afternoon we took a bath we stopped with a widow and her son by the name of Shelton.

Sept 16 – Today we had a very large crowd to our meeting we took dinner with Bro Peck in the afternoon we held a meeting we had some benches under the trees we had a very good meeting after we was through and was going to dismiss a man came up and said he wanted to ask some questions we told him to wait until we dismissed our meeting. He asks a great many questions we answered them from the Bible.  He insulted us and talk very rudely about us but we took it all in good part.  He found we could do him so he went there was a great many people came and shook hands with us and said they felt sorry for us.  We went and stayed with Bro. Heldres found them all well and glad to see us.  We hand a good talk on the gospel and about the hatred of some people towards another.

Sept 17 – We left Bro Heldres soon after breakfast we had some good talks on the gospel and me up with some good friends it rained a little most all day we went to see the fish Hatchery and saw a great many fish we stopped with a man by the name of Grubb. He had kept our Elders before and liked our doctrine very well.

Sept 18 – It looks very much like storm today.  It rained during the night.  Bro Grubb got us up as soon as it was daylight. We ate our breakfast by lamplight.  We talked with Bro Grubb until about eight o’clock them started on our way.  I sold one book in the A.M. and had some good talks on the gospel.  We ate our dinner at a young man’s place.  It rained a little most all day Stopped with a friend.

Sept 19 – We had some good talks on the gospel and met up with some good friends had good success in selling books we gave all of our tracts away and went to Wytheville for our mail.  Our letter did not come so we had to stay until the next mail.  I got a post card from Ina from SLC and that was all the mail I got.  We went and spent the night with Bro Eversole, about four miles from Wytheville.

Sept 20 – It is very beautiful morning. We left Bro Eversole to go to Wytheville for our mail.  We got our papers and that was all the mail that came.  I got my watch fixed and got me a new pen.  We hand some good talks on the gospel, stopped with a man by the name of Davis.

Sept 21 – It looks very much like storm this morning.  The houses were not very thick so we had to do a great deal of walking to make our record keep up with the rest of the Elders.  We had some very good talks on the gospel and found some friends.  I found a lady who was very bitter against us she would not take a pamphlet and said she had read all she wanted about us.  I tried to talk to her but she told me to get out of her lot in the afternoon it rained very hard.  A lady told us to come and spend the night her husband came and we had a very good time.

Sept 22 – It looks very much like storm today we are going to Foster Falls to see some members and friends.  We had some good talks on the gospel and sold some books crossed new river on a railroad bridge.  There was one of our members just across the river, we got there while they were eating dinner, and we ate dinner with them and went up to see some more about 3 miles. It started and rained very hard.  We found them all well and glad to see us.  We had some good talks on the gospel and sang them some songs stopped with Bro.

Sept 23- It looks very much like storm today, it is fast day for all the Elders.  We went down to Bro Roberts to tell him about our meeting we was going to hold up to his father.  We had a very good crowd and a good meeting sold a songbook and Couleys to one of our friends who was investigation it rained very had during the afternoon.  We came down to one of member to hold meeting their name was Armstrong The man did not belong but he wanted to hear us preach.  There was only five came but we had a good meeting.  We spent the night with them.
This is Bro Roberts & Son & his family; they are all members of the Church.

Sept 24 – We spent the A.M. with Bro Armstrong and after dinner we started for Beath to do some revisiting.  We stopped on our way and studied for a long time we ate our supper with a man who was firing on a steam shovel.  He was Dr. Wilkenson relation.  After supper we went and spent the night with Bro. Richmond there was a Negro meeting close and we went and heard them speak for a while.

Sept 25, 26, 27 and 28 – We did not do but very little during these days for we was visiting friends and members held one meeting and had some good talks on the gospel.  Found all in a good condition and all feeling well in their faith.

Sept 29 – We had a meeting appointed to Bro Warl we left Bro. Armstrong after dinner and went up to Tipton to see our members and friends.  We had a very good meeting there was a large crowd came out to hear us.  Bro David Warf and wife applied for Baptism.  We did not get to bed until after 11 o’clock they had a great deal of questions to ask.

Sept 30 – We had a meeting appointed to some of our friends about 5 miles over the mountain.  It looked like storm so we started as soon as we got our breakfast.  We got there in time for Sunday School.  Sister Wade a friend of ours wanted us to take charge of S.S.  Elder Reid took charge of the Bible class.  There was not many came to our meeting but we had a good time we ate dinner with sister Wade it looked like storm so we wanted to leave soon after dinner but they would not let us go until about 4 o’clock.  We just got started and it began to rain it rained very had we got to Bro. Roberts about dusk and held a meeting.

Memmott Family Reunion 2013

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Missionary Journal of Elder Forrest Whitham Memmott August 1906

Aug 1, 1906 – We started for Frico it started to raining about ten o’clock it rained until noon we walked thru mud all day we could not get any dinner we came to new river about 4 o’clock & crossed on a ferry boat.  We had quite a time finding Bro Wyrick we found where he lived and went up there.  And he was to the Cotton Mill working. He came about half past six and was glad to see us

Aug 2, 1906 – We went up to one of our members a little while we got our mail and some photos from Ohio.  We spent day sitting around and reading.  We was going through the Cotton Mills but didn’t.  The members are very strong in their religion. I patched my pants.

Aug 3, 1906  - It looks very much like storm; it is still raining every day.  We went up to Bro. Tomelson they were not at home 3 of his sons was there they wanted us to stop all night.  We went down to the Cotton Mill to go through it but they would not let us.  I bought me a fine comb and glass. The bed bugs were a little bad.

Aug 4, 1906 – Today was a little lonesome for me. We did not do any thing all day only read and talk it was raining most of the day in the evening we sang songs and had a little time.  We could not hold any meetings.  The town was a company: Washington Cotton Mills

Aug 5 – today is Sunday we are at Bro Wyrick spending the day we could not hold any meetings.  Had some good talks on the gospel some of the saints came down a little while.  Explained tithing to Bro Wyrick he said it is right.  It did not rain all day for the first time in about six weeks.

Aug 6, 19906 – We bid the saints good-bye and left for Carrell Co. came to New River and got fairyed across it cost us 5 cent each.  We came thru Galax about 3 miles and got some dinner with two refusals.  We walked until about 5 o’clock and stayed to a Store had a long talk on the Gospel.  Got a good place to stop.

Aug 7, 1906 – We started to Cana to see one of the saints we crossed Blue Ridge came to a store and got a pair of socks.  Could not get any dinner ate some fruit for dinner could not find the home of the saint and Chum to see some.  We met a man who was loaded with watermelon he gave us a large one for 10 cent we sit in the road and ate it and came on our way. Got to Bro Spies about dark.

Aug 8, 1906 – We spent the day with Bro Spies it was very hot all day I helped one of Bro Spies boys get a load of rain logs.  We ate some nuts and fruit during the day.  All of the saints came out to the meeting.

Aug 9, 1906 – We left Bro Spies a little after sunrise and started for Bro Marshall’s we ate dinner to Bro Pucket and went up to the Old Peoples Pucket.  They wanted us to stay and we did there house is s small we could hardly turn around We enjoyed our selves very much talking with the old folks they are very nice.

August 10 – We left Bro Puckett’s early in the morning so we could get to Keno before the mail came it was very hard climbing over Blue Ridge.  We got there before the mail had gone Elder Bishop went to the office and I took both gripes and went to Bro. Calvin’s found them all well.  Helped to rob some bees.

Aug 11- We went up and got our mail about ten o’clock I got Leslie T. Picture and a good letter from him.  I learnt to ride Bro Calvin’s bike it throad me off a time or two.  We got our suit of cloths buddy took the coat and I took the pants. They cost me $3.00 they were all wool.  Bro Calvin gave us a dollar for the old suit.

Aug 12 – today is Sunday.  We had too good meetings. One was bro & Sis Ayers boys’ funeral ceremony had a large crowd.  We held a Sacrament Meeting in the evening.  I spoke the best I had ever done. Stopped with Bro J.H. Marshall.

Aug 13 – We left Bro Hezekiah and went to see the Dr. Had to good visit and had some good talks on religion.  Dr was a strong Mormon he gives other denominations not a very good name. We left Dr and started for Bro Calvin’s bid all of the saints good bye.  Spent the night with Bro Calvin.

Aug 14 – We was going to leave today but it looked so much like storm we thought it best to stay over it rained very hard in the afternoon We had some good talks on the gospel.  And some fun riding a bicycle.  I could ride it pretty well.  I took some letters to the P.O. and buddy fixed his shoes.

Aug 15 – We left brother Calvin to go and find Elder Hyde and Strong we wanted to see them and go to Conference we found them down to Vaughn Elder Stone had gone to the P.O.  We had a good time it rained very hard we all stopped with bro Vaughn.  We sang some songs and enjoyed life.

Aug 16- we left Bro Vaughn for Bro Spears.  The four of us Elder Hyde, Stone, Bishop and myself.  We had some good talks on religion and telling of our mission experience Elder Hyde and I stopped with Bro Spears,  We all at supper together it rained in the evening very hard.

Aug 17 – Spent the day at Bro Wiley Spears.  The time was spent in turning the washer and pitching horseshoes.  Along toward evening we all (that is Elder Bishop Stone, Hyde, and myself) went down to the creek and took a bath.  Spent the night at the same place, with Elder Hyde, While Elders Bishop and Stone went down to Mr. R.W. Jones (a near neighbor, and whose wife is the daughter of Bro. Spears and a member of the church) and spent the night.   At about twelve o’clock Sister Spears called us in to administer to their little boy who was bleeding at the nose very bad, but after our administering and anointing him with oil his nose ceased to bleed.

Aug 18 – Spent the day at Bro. Lineback with Elder Stone we had a water fight I nearly drowned Elder Stone.  We held a meeting at Bro Spears I spoke a short time. Elder Stone and Bishop spoke a short time.  We had a very good meeting. After meeting Elder Hyde and myself went to Bro Lineback.  We had all the watermelon we could eat.

Aug 19 – Today is Sunday we held a meeting in the A.M. and had a very good time.  Elder Bishop and Hyde were the speakers.  We did not have any dinner ate tomatoes instead.  There was a lady at our meeting who wanted to know all about the gospel Elder Stone and myself stopped down to Bro Lineback.

Aug 20 – We bid all the saints good bye & started for Wythe Co. We bought some dinner at a store.  In the P.M. it started to rain very hard we stopped at a Boarding House.  We were treated fine cost 40 cents.

Aug 21- We left early in the morning for Bro Wyrick we walked very hard it started to rain in the P.M.  We had to wade a creek it was very cold & rocky the roads was very muddy.  We got very wet and stopped at Galax had very little room and was crowded.

Aug 22 – We left Galax as soon as we got our breakfast.  Came to a large creek and took a bath it was very cold we got to Fries about noon Elder Hyde and myself went up to Bro Tomelsons and got our dinner. Elder Stone and I stayed to Bro Tomelson.

[For Aug 24 next leaf] Aug 24 – We was all very tired from our long walk we had on the 23rd.  We spent the day talking on the gospel and getting things ready for conference at Bro. Cary.  Helped the girls get the things out and clean the room up.  Elder and I stayed at Bro. Cary.

Aug 23 – We left for Elder Richmond at Cripple Creek it is about 14 miles the closest way we walked until noon and stopped at a store and got some dinner we had walked 10 miles and they told us it was about 12 more.  The people told us the wrong way and we got lost.  A man told us the way we had to cross the Blue Ridge we came all right until we got on top and them we lost the trail.  I took lead and told the Elders to follow me.  I went down a canyon and came out all right it was dark when we got to Bro Cary the Elders wanted to stop and sleep out in the woods. I told them to come on and we would find a place to stop.

Aug 25 – Today conference starts all the Elders are here their names are: Reid, Davis, Stone, Hyde, Egan, Pres Rands, Bishop and myself.  Elder Richmond also was here he lives here and is a good member our meetings started at 11 o’clock.  There was a good many to our meeting.  We had one at 3 o’clock.  There was a good crowd in the afternoon also we had a good lunch and enjoyed our selves fine.  Elder Stone and I made the seats all got the house all fixed before any Elders got there Elder Bishop gave a very good speech.

Aug 26 – today is Sunday and it is a very nice day we have a meeting appointed at 11 there was a large crowd out and we had a very enjoyable time.  The saints all brought a basket of picnic and we all stayed and had a nice lunch.  Elder Reid and Pres Rands gave a very good sermon on Salvation for the Dead.  Explained it very well in the P. M. we had a meeting at 3 O’clock.  There was a large crowd out it rained a little and stopped the people from coming out we had all the benches would seat.

Aug 27 - Elder Hyde and I left Bro Cleavor soon after we had breakfast we was going to Bro Richmond to hold a meeting for the Elders to get instructions.  Pres Rands gave me Elder Reid for a companion.  After meeting we all went up and had a swim it was a nice bathing hole.  Elder Davis cut my hair and we had a general clean up.  All had dinner at Bro. Richmond.  Bid all the Elders goodbye and left for a friend’s to stop it rained on us he was not at home so we had to go to Bro. Cleavor’s and stopped it was after dark when we got in.

Aug 28 – We bid the saints and Elder goodbye and started for our field of labor we walked until noon before we could start to canvass.  Got our dinner and had a long talk on the gospel.  The people was very thick Stopped to a Mr. Dumchom was treated fine.

Aug 29 – We left soon after breakfast and started to canvass found the people very friendly.  We had many good talks on the principles of the Gospel.  We came to a man who was very bitter he did not want to talk to us.  We ask him for some dinner, he told us to come in after dinner he did not ask us to stop or sit down we went on our way.  I sold 2 books and had some good talks on religion.  We stopped with a man who had a large white house he treated us fine.  His daughter sang and played on the organ it rained nearly all night.

Aug 30 – It was raining when we got up it had rained most of the night.  After breakfast we sat out on the porch and talked about the principles of the gospel.  About ½ past 9 we started on our way.  Had some good talks on the gospel; did not get any dinner.  We came to a man who was a little bitter we stopped and talked for about an hour when we got ready to go he wanted us to spend the night we did and he treated us fine.  He was a good friend to use before we left and want us to call and see him again we sold him a book and he said he would read it and study it.

Aug 31- After about an hour and a half we left for Wytheville we had to go over a large mountain it was very warm.  I met a lady and had quite talk on the gospel.  She said we believed we could save a man after death.  We had 100 tracts and 1 doz ½ of Books had to leave our clothes so we could get them in our grips.  Came about 2 miles and stopped with a man who treated us fine.

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Obituary - Clayton Eugene Memmott

Clayton Eugene Memmott
June 11, 1943 - January 19, 2013

BOUNTIFUL, UT-Three and one-half weeks after celebrating Christmas with all of his children and most of the grandchildren/great grandchildren, Clayton Eugene Memmott left us unexpectedly after a five year struggle with his health. He passed on to a marvelous reunion with his parents and family members who preceded him in death. A glorious reunion it was indeed, as he worked many years in strengthening family ties through his work in the Memmott Family Organization by gathering, organizing and writing the family history, one ancestor at a time. He died on Saturday, January 19, at 11:30 am at Lakeview Hospital, where the doctors and nurses worked tirelessly to save his life. He was born on June 11, 1943 at the Salt Lake Regional Hospital to Maurine Verdell Kjelstrom and Arthur Eugene Memmott. He was the first of nine children and was raised in both Salt Lake City and in various cities in California. Clayton was baptized on the 23rd of April, 1952 in Salt Lake City at the Salt Lake Tabernacle and Confirmed on May 4th, 1952. During his life, Clay held many church callings which included Sunday School Counselor, Family History Consultant, High Priest Group Secretary, Ward Historian, etc.
While stationed at Malmstrom, AFB, Great Falls Montana, Clayton met Mary Ellen Russell at a LDS Church dance, and from there they twirled through forty-nine years of a joyful loving marriage. They were married at the Great Falls First Ward in Great Falls MT. on October 19, 1963 and later endowed, married, and sealed for all time and eternity at the Cardston, Alberta, Canada Temple on January 15, 1977. From 1963-1979, they lived in Great Falls, Montana (where their first- born, Kimberly was born in 1964 at Malmstrom AFB.), with the exception of a three year Air Force deployment (1965-1968) to Anchorage Alaska (where Kristine and Matthew were born on Elmendorf AFB).
Clayton and his family moved to West Bountiful, Utah in the summer of 1979. In 1980, Tyrel was born. When Mary's parents needed caregiving, they built a home in Centerville, Utah (1984) where he helped care for Mary's father (until his death in 1985) and her mother until her death in 2004. He cared for them as if they were his own parents. You could find Clay regularly visiting his parents, grandparents aunts, uncles, brothers and sisters while he was well. He always held family ties as a close and personal blessing.
Clayton spent 16 years in the United States Air Force, discharged as a TSGT (E-6) and received several Air Force Commendation Medals. The award recorded, "Staff Sergeant Clayton E. Memmott distinguished himself by meritorious service while assigned as a Noncommissioned Officer in Charge from 1 Jan. 1970- 30 Nov. 1971. During this period he consistently demonstrated outstanding technical knowledge and leadership abilities in the performance of his duty.
His innate management ability and insistence upon professionalism were important contributing factors to the mission effectiveness of his organization. The distinctive accomplishments of Sergeant Memmott reflect credit upon himself and the United States Air Force." For the last 8 years in the Air Force, Clay served as an USA Air Force recruiter. After his discharge, Clayton owned and operated Montgomery Ward Catalog store in Bountiful, Utah. He then worked at Hill AFB until 1992 when he retired from the US government.
Clay was called to serve as Vice-President in the Memmott Family Organization in 1985. When first called he said, "I am humbled by this call and feel very inadequate, so will need a lot of help. I am very interested in learning more about my roots and will do all I can to support the fine programs on the agenda. Thanks for giving me a chance to serve." All together he provided 27 years of outstanding service as Vice- Pres. President, Bulletin Editor, and Genealogist for the organization up until his death in 2013. He made Family History his life ambition and loved the service he was able to give. Clayton was interested in movies and served as an extra on several, "Touched By An Angel" episodes and on, the movie, "The Stand." He also was involved in politics and served as a Delegate to the Utah State Republican convention in 1994 and 2000.
Family was extremely important to Clayton. He made sure that he was always there for them extremely honest, kept his word, helped when he could, and loved the sound of his children laughing and was frustrated during his illness because he could not serve as he desired. He had four years of college and was an avid reader which led to his remarkable knowledge and memory. Clayton leaves behind his wife, Mary E. Memmott; daughters, Kimberly A. Daniels (David), Kristine Hewitt(Dave); sons Matthew N. Memmott (Claudia), Tyrel N. Memmott (Anu); 8 grandchildren, 4 great-grandchildren; brothers, Ronald Bryan, Thomas Lenny, Micheal Arthur, and Patrick Memmott; sisters Lottie Susan Johnson , Maurine Bonny Ingle, Connie Verdell Richards, and Sandra Annette Memmott. Clayton was preceded in death by his parents, Mom and Dad Memmott and Mom and Dad Russell, grandparents, and his nephew Rocky Blaine Raddan. Funeral services will be held at 11:00 a.m., Saturday, January 26, 2013 at the Jennings Lane Ward, LDS Church at 1451 North Main Street, Centerville, UT. Friends and Family may visit Friday, between 6 and 9 p.m. at Russon Brothers Mortuary, 295 N. Main Bountiful, UT or at 10 am-11:00 am at the church. Interment will be at the Centerville City Cemetery at 600 E. 400 S., Centerville, Utah. Online guestbook at 


If you have any memories or stories of Clayton please share them with us in the comments for us all to enjoy.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Approved  8/11/2012  at Reunion in Scipio, Ut

Bylaws of
The Memmott Family Association
A Utah Nonprofit Corporation - August 03, 2001


Section 1 - The name of the organization shall be The Memmott Family Association.
Section 2 - The Memmott Family Association is organized for the purpose of promoting the family relationships of the Memmott family through genealogical research, family reunions and such other events that may be deemed advisable as conducive to building family unity.


Section 1 - Membership in the Memmott Family Association is bestowed upon all persons who are members of the family, through either birth or adoption, as descendants of William and/or John Memmott, and by marriage to those who are descendants. These are William Memmott and John Memmott who immigrated to Utah, in 1861 and 1855 respectively, as reflected in the family genealogy files.

Section 2 - Voting members shall include those family members, as defined in Section 1 of this Article, that are in attendance at any family meeting called by the President or Board of Directors. Proxy voting is not permitted. The husbands and wives of members in good standing are welcomed into associate membership of this Family Association, with full voting power. A spouse may be elected to any office, except President, First Vice President and Second Vice President

[all of whom must be lineal descendants] or appointed to any Committee.

Section 1 - Regular meetings of the full membership are expected to be held at least annually at which time the officers shall be elected by majority vote of those family members in attendance. Meetings of the Board of Directors will be called by the President in addition to the annual reunion.   
Section 2 - Special meetings of the full membership may be called as needed by the President or the Board of Directors between the regular meetings.

Section 3 - Notice of each meeting of the full membership shall be given to those who maintain their names and current addresses on the mailing list of the organization at least thirty days prior to the scheduled meeting. Those in attendance at such meetings shall constitute a quorum for purposes of conducting the business of the organization.


Section 1 - The Board of Directors shall consist of the Officers of the organization. The Board is responsible for organizing the meetings of the membership and other events used to promote family unity.

Section 2 - The Board shall meet as needed to plan the meetings and events for the family, authorize Officers to sign contracts necessary for the holding of those events, and to authorize the opening of checking accounts and the signature authorizations for such accounts. The special events at regular meetings may be planned and organized by a committee appointed by the Board.

Section 3 - Election of Officers of the Board shall occur at the time of each meeting of the full membership of the Memmott Family Association. Such elections shall not occur at other special events with limited attendance except as provided in Article 4, Section 6. Officers may be eligible for re-election, but not consecutive or in succession.

Section 4 - An official Board meeting may be called by the President with two weeks’ notice to each Board member of the time and place of the meeting. An effort will be made to accommodate all members. At least three members present shall constitute a quorum. Telephone conferencing may be utilized for such meetings.

Section 5 - The Officers of the organization and their duties shall be as follows:
President shall be responsible for convening all business meetings of the full membership and the Board and will chair all such meetings as required by these Bylaws. The President will serve a two (2) years term.
First Vice President shall be responsible for presiding at all called meetings in the absence of the President and assisting the President in planning family meetings. The First Vice President after training for two years under the President becomes the President.
Second Vice President shall assist the President and the First Vice President. The Second Vice President trains under the President and First Vice President before becoming the First Vice President.
Secretary shall be responsible for keeping records of the organization's membership, actions of the Board and the full membership business meetings, sending out meeting announcements, and assuring that all other records are maintained.
Treasurer shall maintain the financial records of the organization, pay all valid bills of the organization, and report to the organization on the financial information.
Family Historian/Genealogist, It shall be the duty of the Family Historian/Genealogist to maintain a master file of all records of the Association, including Family Group Sheets, a card index file of all Memmott descendants and their spouses, biographies, photographs, and reference material. It shall be the duty of the Family Historian to supervise and direct the compilation and writing of biographical records, family histories, and personal histories of Memmott progenitors and descendants, and to serve as Senior Editor of any and all genealogical and historical books published by the Association. Assistants may be selected as necessary, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, and will be organized as a permanent History Committee within the family organization.
WebMaster, It shall be the duty of the Webmaster to maintain the Memmott Family Association Blog site. Assistants may be selected as necessary, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors, and will be organized as a permanent Committee within the Association.
Section 6 - When a vacancy on the Board exists due to resignation or death, the Board shall be responsible for filling the vacancy until the next meeting of the full membership.

Section 7 - Family members are encouraged to communicate all genealogical information for their individual family units to the Board for recording in the combined genealogical records for the Memmott Family Association. Those records will be maintained on computerized genealogy systems and backed up periodically for safekeeping purposes. Family members may request data from those records for their personal files as needed.

Section 8 - The Board may appoint any member of Memmott Family Association to serve on Committees to assist with the planning and organizing of meetings and events.


Section 1 - These Bylaws of the Memmott Family Association may be amended when necessary by a two-thirds majority vote of the membership at any called meeting of the full membership. Notice of such proposed amendments will be mailed with the notice of the meeting.